A little taste of the Expo

Yep, just a sneak peak . . Don't want to get in trouble or anything !

The Dragon

Just South of Shanghai they are building a project that everyone keeps calling, ' The Dragon ' . It's a new " super-green-indoor-motivational-community-city " . . or something like that. Point being : it looks amazing, and is really pushing the boundaries of new architectural motives in China. Check it out !

Chinese Materials Factory

Last week I had the privelage of visiting the E Grow factory, just south of Shanghai. They are responsible for producing all those fancy panels that make Frank Ghery and Hadid look like Gods. Their factory is small, but the production line is smooth. They've got robots for everything : and by robots, I mean people . . literally. The guys working in the factory, and on the computers were so fast, I couldn't catch them with my camera even if I tried.


my apartment !

I moved into this apartment almost 5 months ago . . Upon arrival I couldn't event tell that the floors were made of wood ! All the walls were pink, the bed was just a mattress on the ground, and there wasn't even a spot for me to sit and work at my computer . . But I managed to swing an amazing deal with my landlord, with the promise that I would ' fix up ' the apartment and make it liveable. 5 months later I've managed to build a bed, acquire new furniture, paint the apartment, clean everything (I mean REALLLLY clean), and am slowly adding my personal decorating touch. It's starting to feel like home in this Shanghainese apartment . . and the best part ? It's in one of the oldest buildings in Shanghai !


A little more of Ningbo !

A little more from Ningbo ! I've got to go back, this city was beautiful !!

Ningbo and the Oldest Library in China !

Yesterday I took off on a small adventure with my class from HKU. Now, typically I hate travelling in groups this size . . But luckily for me once we reached Ningbo we were free to do whatever we wanted !

If you scroll down through the photos, you can see the longest oceanic bridge in the world (the Hangzhou Bay Bridge), the oldest library in China (in Ningo), and some incredbile Chinese detailing !